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Creating a new digital medical ecosystem. This product serves as a gateway to digital healthcare and is specifically designed for patients with abdominal compartment syndrome. According to research, the IAP testing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% in the United States.This innovative detection method is expected to generate profits of up to 1.2 billion US dollars in the future.In the future, we will combine the electronics industry and medical IoT to expand our industry collaborations.


DOT to Save Life.

A new industry ecosystem of cross-border innovation.
Creating mutual benefit

Dotspace Inc. is committed to optimizing existing medical service processes and actively incorporating new industrial technologies,
with the aim of creating a new paradigm shift in health, medical, and care in the future.

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Monitoring capsules significantly reduce diagnostic errors!

A collaboration between surgeons from Medical center and a previous senior medical device R&D engineer from Google.
Through precise pressure sensing and wireless signal transmission for accurate data

the best solution for abdominal compartment syndrome.
/ %
Reduce mortality rates
/ %
Reduce unnecessary surgeries
/ billion
Reduce annual medical expenses

the smallest smart capsule in the world

The smallest in vivo
monitoring system
The volume reduction compared
to competing products
It is one-sixth the size
of the competing product.
  • AEA Innovation Award
  • The 17th National
    Innovation Award

PressureDot Abdominal pressure
monitoring capsule

Clinical intra-abdominal
pressure measurement

Operating method

Disposable oral capsule
144 hours automatic continuous monitoring of intra-abdominal pressure in real-time

Inserting sterile saline into the bladder through the urethra, and measuring the bladder pressure every 4-6 hours on a manually scheduled basis to obtain the value, which is not real-time.

Healthcare personnel

No human intervention is needed unless there is an abnormal alert.

Compared to the intra-abdominal pressure monitoring capsule, it requires up to 30 times more manpower.

Risk assessment

The probability is extremely low
the pressure monitoring capsule will be excreted from the body within a week (unless the patient has intestinal obstruction that causes delayed excretion of the capsule).

Moderate risk ; the sterile environment of the bladder is compromised with each measurement.

Mortality rate due to
intra-abdominal hypertension



Future Plan

Continuously optimizing and extending product advantages,
expanding collaborations with other industries.

Our services

We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in

Introduce new product to the market and promote widespread adoption

  • Apply for and utilize insurance reimbursement for sales
  • Establish consignment sales channels and actively enter the medical supply chain

Actively develop and expand the supplier network

  • Establish a system platform for authorized revenue sharing
  • Expand to medical IT system suppliers

Further explore demand and cooperate with new industries

  • Plan solutions for the whole-person health check market
  • Expand remote monitoring and IT services
  • License product technology internationally.

DOT to Save Life.

Innovative and precise medical testing solutions for the market


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